Factors Considered When Buying a New Condo
Posted on: 04/01/2018, by : Ellen Madrid

Are you planning to purchase a new Condo? This is one of the greatest investments that you can make. Condos are more affordable as compared to other houses. They are available in major towns and cities. Condo buyers should determine whether they are suitable for the lifestyle associated with condos before making their final purchasing decisions. The following are the essential things that you need to consider when purchasing condos.


A good condo should have the following amenities a swimming pool, visitor parking, guest suites, gym, concierge and party room. Many people love these extracts. The amenities of a building should always be considered. Both the owners and visitors should make good use of these facilities. The condo fees are high for those a properties that have more amenities than those that have few.swimming pool


Location is one of the important factors that need to be considered as far as real estate market is concerned. This is a factor that determines the long-term value resale value of a real estate. Check whether the neighbourhoods on the upswing. Developments that are well-planned are helpful in increasing the value of a property. The view of a condo matters too. Condos that are well-planned should have spectacular views.

Reserve funds

Buyers should have sufficient funds in the reserve funds. This is the best strategy for ensuring that you are safe on the safe side from the skyrocketing fees of a condo. This money is used in paying the capital expenses like repairing the roof, repaving the parking lots and repairing the amenities. The status certificate of the reserve fund should be reviewed by a real estate lawyer to ensure that it is well-managed.

Condo rules

Remember that living in a condo does not have the same freedom which is associated with house ownership. These units have certain restrictions that affect the residents. For instance, some restrictions affect pets. In some places, dogs or small dogs are banned altogether. Condo owners might be required to seek permission when renovating their units. These rules should be checked before signing the final agreement. Otherwise, buyers may be caught off guard by neglecting these rules.rules


This is another essential pointer that affects the value of a condo. This is important for those buyers who are purchasing pre-construction. The square footage of a property should be determined to make sure that your furniture can fit in the new condo.